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Started by fario, August 21, 2018, 01:45:12 AM

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subject: postproduction Photoshop

I would like to use the shadows of the file: Shadow
to add them to my image: watch

Could you explain to me how to isolate the shadows of the file: shadow in Photoshop, or is there a simpler way to create a rendering in Keyshot of only drop shadows?

thank you very much!



please help me  :'(

is this idea the best way?

On the cylinder that receives the shadows:

I apply the material: ground
I activate: attach the geometry under the ground, in the parameters.
The cylinder becomes invisible but the shadows remain :)

I'm applying a rendering layer on the object: cylinder.
I render with layers.

In Photoshop, I import my files for editing.



Maybe it would help if you uncheck the global illumination in the lighting settings.
Otherwise you apply the shadow pass onto the render image (layer in Photoshop) and use multiply or overlay (or another blend option) to your liking.

Hope that helps



Thank you very much!  :D

I'm testing