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Started by MarcelWoodman, August 05, 2011, 05:14:05 AM

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I'm using Pro-E to import products into Keyshot, but need to add certain "standard" parts, such as LCD Monitors, Laptops, Keyboards, and Mice along with my custom product.  Can anyone recommend a website that they use for such parts?  I'm willing to pay for high quality models, as long as they play nicely with the Pro-E files after they've been imported.



Robert V.

look here

I think you could find what you need here.


And  I don't have the models you are looking for, but I invite you to visit my TurboSquid page just for fun.  Just search Gould Studios.  And, there's tons of high quality models on TS, in many price ranges. 
Bill G


is a free service
and you can also request models that you want
and 99% of the time some one will model them for
you free of charge.




Good thoughts!

3d modeling services


Check out DOSCH DESIGN @
There you will find all assests you Need.
Best regards
Sebastian Dosch