The Raid

Started by abedsabeh, September 18, 2018, 01:51:09 AM

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This image is totally rendered in Keyshot using the displacement map on the sea, the scattering with spot lights and the emissive on the buildings. Color correction and saturation used with the Photographic option. The scene is fully created by me and the city was modeled in SketchUp. Some more images with different moods will follow later.


Very cool abed!  Reminds me a bit of the colorful singapore skyline.


Looks ominous...
The image has a Dark City vibe to it. Amazing movie by the way.



Thank you Rex and Dries!

Dries, I have the intention to make a video and I usually create a story behind the scene but I don't think there is time to finish it since the deadline is tomorrow. Maybe next time :-)


Another render without scattering and I have used:
1- A displacement with bump map for the water.
2- The environment is totally black/set to zero.
3- Added emissive stars in the background and on the buildings too (Windows).
4- Added 3 spot lights to project on the front buildings.
5- Depth of field.
8- Bloom and vignette.


Same visual with a different angle and some vdb smoke.


Eric Summers

Very cool skyline! The water looks great, the ripples are very realistic.


I call this one: THE MIST or THE FOG

1- Scattering medium for the clouds.
2- Displacement on the sea.
3- Two point lights and one spotlight.
4- I used the same city skyline in the background.


Another render with a different atmosphere. I like this one better  :)