Neon Runner (Video)

Started by LM6, September 21, 2018, 07:08:54 AM

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Video attached.

Finally getting to use some Image Styles on this VJ loop

This is my first video submission, another one coming later.

Ive attached an 800x800 version of the clip because of the size limits, I have the 1080x1080 version but didn't want to put that on You Tube.

Created in C4D and Keyshot, rendered out at 128 samples, probably didn't need that many.
This clip uses vertex driven maps that I baked out and setup to create the  glowing body that reacts to speed and a floor that react to contact.
The 2 main animated maps were brought into the Keyshot via the video maps feature.
The other parts were created using XParticles then brought into Keyshot via an .abc file.

Will post a few stills as well.




Some stills of the grade and a raw version straight out of Keyshot



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Josh can bring the music :)