Going Mudding!

Started by garebear, September 21, 2018, 07:44:05 AM

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The new displacement feature has already been a life-saver! My client, a tire company, has traditionally gone with typical beauty shots, very clean and pristine. With a new mud tire launch they wanted to showcase it in the setting in which it would be used. Utilizing Keyshot has allowed us to do things for this client that simply wouldn't be cost or time effective, and in some instances, possible. This particular project was given the shot in the arm it needed by the new displacement feature. Our original composition (before K8) had the truck much further pulled away, much less aggressive. This was due to the fact that the mud texturing was all flat. Using the same spot texture mask, and filling with a color adjusted  (b/w and high contrast) version of the same mud texture, I was able to add the much needed dimension to the mud to allow us to achieve this much more aggressive composition. This shot simply wasn't doable at this level in previous versions and would have cost ~20x more to shoot on location with a real truck. We we able to go from concept to finished ad in a single week! Client is happy!

Notes: Only post processing was to add forest background image and add lens flares to headlights. New photography adjustments with built in color adjust and curves is an amazing new feature as well. Water has a bit less love put into it as graphic elements for the ad were placed over top.

Eugen Fetsch

Awesome. Love the details, like the wiper smear tracks.



Quote from: camomiles on September 21, 2018, 07:57:33 AM
Awesome. Love the details, like the wiper smear tracks.

Thanks! Yeah, it's amazing how sometimes just the smallest little details can bring a scene to life.