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Started by m0dm0d, September 21, 2018, 01:25:24 PM

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Hi all

For my image, I've experimented with Cinema 4D R20 (along with the new volume builder), to create the noise field sitting behind a transparent number 8.

I brought my volume mesh into Keyshot 8 Beta as an Alembic file, applied a scattering material and positioned a few coloured spotlights in the scene. I then used Image Styles to adjust the tone slightly, then added a little further post in After Effects, where I export my final animation sequence.

Cinema 4D R20 and Keyshot 8 seem to work so well together, allowing me to experiment in ways I wasn't able to before...with my current setup at least... (we just need that Keyshot to R20 bridge plugin next)  ;)

I rendered the 61 frames with 80 samples, a little pixel blur, plus anti-aliasing over the network.

I'm uploading the animation here with a small bitrate (for a 5.6 mb file size) – I also have a smoother version where the file size is 18mb.

The execution is not perfect, by any means... but was a fun little exercise to go through.

Once I get my head around the new features (for both C4D and KS8) I plan to explore some more ideas using this technique.



I like this and I like how you made it,  haven't really got started with R20 but a Keyshot bridge makes a lot of sense.