Alien landscape

Started by Eric Summers, September 27, 2018, 07:10:16 AM

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Eric Summers

This submission was inspired by Eric's multiple displacement post.

This is a triple displacement of a single KeyShot geometry plane. My earlier attempt at this was restricted because my base plane was much too large and by the time I got to the third displacement even 40 million max triangles wasn't getting the desired result.

After the third displacement, I started messing around with the material and settled on using camo. The natural earthy colors looked good so after a bit of tweaking I was happy with how it looked; this is my base image. The only other geometry in the scene is a plane with a gradient for the background.
Then I added a spotlight and scattering medium which really added to the mood, I think. I used the photographic image style as well, with a lot of little tweaks.
I thought I was done, but then I started to think it would look interesting with water. So I added the water and changed the color of the scattering medium along with a slightly different photographic image style.

This is much different from what I render for work, but it was a lot of fun!