It's why Keyshot for Zbrush is still not making sence for me

Started by kirk2345, October 10, 2018, 05:24:45 AM

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I  love an idea of doing nice renders straight from Zbrush  but still doing it with Zbrush native renderer even after buying  Keyshot pro  years ago.     That's mostly why:

1. Keyshot while rendering alpha textures such as leaves right in main window unable to produce correct passes with that alpha in mind
2. normal pass totally ignores bump textures. 

I wonder if it's a big deal to make it doing it right?   

Eugen Fetsch

Agree with that. Render passes is one of the weak points of KS, especially if it comes to opacity.  :-\ This makes me cry sometimes when it comes to compositing.


HI Kirk,

Yes these are known issues documented here:

Bump textures are included in the normal pass when using Interior Mode if that helps you for now.