How to turn lights on then off in animation?

Started by jeffdebord, October 22, 2018, 07:15:56 AM

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I have an electronic product we are animating and need to start with led/ emmissive off, then  turn on then back off agai. how is this done. I can turn them on with the number fade, but no option to turn back off.? am I missing something?? KS 8


You will have to use the color fade animation using black and white color stops to do this.


It you can overlap the emissive part with a solid one. So you can use the fade animation.
Similar to the strobo effect post in this forum.

Hope that helps


Will Gibbons

Like Rex, I'd recommend the color fade to do this. Quite a bit simpler and arguably more robust than multiple fade animations. Though, both will likely get you there.