Adding second displacement map

Started by germannick, October 16, 2018, 01:59:07 AM

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I have to say that I love the new Keyshot 8 features!

But i cannot figure out how to add a second displacement map to the same material. Just like the Add Bump option in the utility list. Overlaying two transparent objects with different displacement maps don't work either. The two geometry nodes conflict with each other (they cancel each other out)

Any ideas or work arounds?


Hi Nick,

Multiple displacements cannot be combined at the moment.
A workaround is to combine the displacement textures using a Color Composite node, and then feeding the output into the Displace node.

I hope that helps.



With the technique Dries mentioned you can combine several textures in different weight to one displacement node using one or a structure of color composite nodes. This is similar with add bump utility to just one bump channel.

But if you want different directions for the displacement you need an alternative method.
Just use your part with the first displacement texture.
The export this to obj or fbx and import this to another (or the same) scene.
Now you ,,baked" the displaced polygons to the object, you can apply an additional displacement texture in another direction.
But take care about a heavy load of polygons. Your scene can become heavy easily.

Hope that helps.