Keyshot 8 NR - Mac Master not connected to Win7 slaves

Started by DMerz III, October 20, 2018, 10:12:56 AM

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KS Network Rendering 8.0.247 , none of the slaves are connecting to the Master. Lots of errors that the versioning is out of date, however, I can assure you each machine is running NR 8.0.247

Mac Mini as Master Only running 8.0.247
(6) Boxx Machines are Slaves 8.0.247

Anyone else running into this issue? We were running version 7 without any hiccups with this same setup.


Not sure if related, but on some of the slaves, I am getting an error of MSVCR120.dl missing. It seems when installing the NR 8.0.247 these libraries were deleted?
I think I've reinstalled those packages where necessary, and have done lots of restarts, and I think the issue is kind of resolved?

Still getting an error that one of the slaves trying to connect have a major version difference.

Will report back when I understand more. (I have submitted to support)


Not sure what is going on, I only am dealing with a single render node, and that one updated just fine. One thing that took me a while and doesn't make sense is that I could only have KS8 or KS7 render services running at one time, even though they were using different ports.  Thought I should be able to run both simultaneously.


I 'think' we found a culprit.

Uninstalling Ks7 NR altogether seems to have helped?

Kinda strange that even though it wasn't running, it was choking the system up.


That's what I ended up doing, and everything magically started working fine. I did have them living together ok as long as I shut all the services off one or the other and not running at the same time. But, we only have 2 people sending stuff so we both agreed to go to 8 from here on out so I uninstalled 7 and it is working great now.

Now if I could figure out why since my upgrade to Win 10 KS won't use 100% of my CPU......


guys a question, but is it possible to use a previous version of keyshot network render (eg keyshot network render 5 or 6) with the new keyshot 8?


no, can't go backwards. From what I can tell KS7 can send projects to NR8, but not the other way around.


Just an update on this.

Uninstalling KS7 NR on all of our machines (Slave/Master) seems to have solved this issue.
Even when KS7 NR wasn't running (I checked the task manager). I don't know if this was a Windows 7 issue or what, but others have said they had no problem when KS7 NR or even KS6 NR are installed (but not running).

Either way, if someone else runs into an issue, just know that's the step we took to get it to work for us.