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Started by Alberto, November 01, 2018, 06:54:44 AM

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Hi everybody .
As the title says I need a new pc for my home studio .

I'm a jewelry designer and the workstation will be used for a variety of software but mostly Rhino , Keyshot and Photoshop .

I'm busy with static images but I'd like to add a decent animation service .

Online I've found 1000s of discussions about the same theme but , since i'm not very keen with IT, I would like to have few suggestions from anybody who is somehow expert before to spend some money on it.

I'd like to have the workstation built from parts .

At work i'm Using a dual Xeon hp 840 which is very good but also very expensive . Let's say my budget is on the range of the 2000 / 2500 euros.

Anybody would like to help me with this a component list ?

Many thanks in advance

Will Gibbons

I recommend you go check out the website PC Part Picker. There, you can look at others part build lists.

For that budget, and use with KeyShot, really, your best option is to just buy the fastest CPU you can afford and then build all the other components around that. You could probably pull off a Threadripper machine for that price if you're really frugal with the other components.

You can also see what others have chosen in discussions on the benchmark thread on this forum.