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Started by IngeniaSupport, October 25, 2018, 11:35:12 AM

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Models are not updating they duplicate.

Keyshot 8, Solidworks 2017 + Solidworks Keyshot plugin. Brand new bought earlier this week.

Step 1 : We open an assembly in Solidworks that already exist
Step 2 : Use the plugin and click the first button that automatically open keyshot and create a new project with my assembly in it
Step 3 : In Keyshot we play with the materials to make it to our taste
Step 4 : Save the keyshot project to something.bip
Step 5 : Switch back on Solidworks (keyshot still running and solidworks was never closed)
Step 6 : Move some parts that are not well aligned
Step 7 : In the plugin menu click the second button "Update"
Step 8 : Switch to Keyshot and wait for the whole process to finish
Step 9 : Model Set now contain a second copy of my main assembly. The first one where i changed all the materials and the second one which have the new parts positions.

Step 10 : restart all the work i have already done at Step 3.
We are wasting a lot of time. Why is there an Update option if the result is exactly the same as exporting to it.

If it changes anything the Main assembly contain couple thousands of sub assemblies and around 5000+ parts.
Takes at least 5 to 10 minutes to update each time.


Hi there,

It sounds like you are using the old SW plugin.

Can you please try installing this one and let us know if it fixes the issue?



that is the exact same one i have downloaded. Details are the same, Keyshot 8 solidworks, luxion 2018.

Thanks anyway

Bruno F

Hello IngeniaSupport,

Please send an email to our Technical Support department at support@luxion.com.