Label and Texture Embedding

Started by rolanddeschain, November 29, 2018, 05:59:16 AM

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How can I embed labels and textures? Or is it possible?
When I change the folder name or move the keyshot file to another folder or another pc, all the labels and textures in the keyshot .bin file are giving error. So, I just want to embed or import the labels and textures into the .bin file permanently. Like Adobe Illustrator "picture embed" command


You'll want to save as a package (in the File menu). This will 'box up' all the assets. It's annoying that it has to unpack each time but it will keep things together.


I know there is a request to be able to convert texture paths to relative instead of absolute, that would solve this problem in certain circumstances. I've just gotten in the habit of storeing all my textures in a folder on my network drive and never move or rename them. Then I do what Eric stated, done with the project or need to take it home to work on it, I save it as a package.