Turntable Challenges.

Started by sloanelliot, December 28, 2018, 02:48:54 PM

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New to the forums but have been using Keyshot Pro for a number of years now. I recently opted in for a trial of KeyShot XR and attempting a very simple task but for some reason can't get it to work-- hoping somebody can shed some light haha...

Goal: create a very simple interactive turntable XR to send to a client for testing (for eventual implementation onto their website to interactively showcase the product line).

Problem: Instead of the object itself physically rotating 360-degrees, the CAMERA is orbiting the object. This is problematic because I have many fixed lights in the scene as well as in the HDRI and a fixed camera at the perfect angle. I have already rendered out a 360-degree turntable animation which does what I want, but when I approach things the same way in XR, suddenly it's the camera-- not object-- that's moving. It seems I can use "Horizontal Environment Rotation" option, but that does nothing for my scene lights that suddenly appear in-frame once the camera starts orbiting (I know I can "hide" them to the camera, but that's not the point here haha..).

Solution? The only thing I can come up with is to just render a "dummy" XR sequence and go back and overwrite the PNG's with frames from my 360-degree animation to get the lighting static / object rotating insead.. Seems like an absurd work-around for something so basic..

I have to be missing something??

Help! haha



The XR option also allow to use your animation. So you need a fixed camera position, add a turntable or rotation animation to the necessary parts/group.
Now choose the last option in the XR wizard to use this animation.
That's all.

Hope that helps


(written in short form on a mobile)



Thanks, I saw that option and clicked it to see what options it had, but it appeared that it was actually going to create an auto-play animation file/loop vs. being able to use your mouse (click-drag) to rotate the part left/right as desired, dynamically (in the finished HTML output)?

Do you know if it's a still image you can interact with or just an animation that plays on own?

Eric Summers

Hey sloanelliot,

Marco is correct. Picking the animation option in the XR wizard will do what you are looking for. Any XR option will be interactive, it won't play like an animation.


 Thanks for the replies! That's great to hear, I didn't want to waste time on the render (it's a large render time) if it wasn't going to pan out, so sounds like this is the way to go-- I'll give it a shot!

Really appreciate the help. The term "animation" and "loop" here seem to imply something totally different so I was a bit thrown off haha..


Worked like a charm, thanks guys. :)


Glad to read this.

Enjoy your work and I wish you all a bright Start in 2019!