Author Topic: Need help with setting up this scene with multiply model sets, cameras, etc  (Read 1210 times)

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Using Keyshot 8.1 Pro.
Need to render out graphics for an online configuration for a boat.
One base with the hull, and the possibility to add accessories like handles/rails, padded seats, windshields etc.

I'm a pretty quick learner but there are two things that I'm stuck on.
What I've done so far:

I've created the three camera views that will be used in the configurator.
I've set all the materials needed in the scene
I've set the environment that will be used for all images

All in all we're talking about 30 accessories that will be used in the configurator. I want to create a render queue/batch job so I dont need to render out picture by picture.
I've started to create model sets, one for the hull itself, another one with the front handle-rail, one with the windshield, one with the padding for all the seats etc.

My problem is that for each accessory I need the shadow map as well, see the attached example of a handle rail with the shadows it casts. If I turn all the modelsets on or create one model set with both the hull and the handle rail included, I can render out a shadow map for that, but then its combined.
I assume this is possible to do but I would need some hints on how to set this up.

Some of the accessories inside the boat like the padded seats is covered by the hull itself, this is something I can fix manually in post using the alpha map for the hull but is this possible to set up in keyshot as well? Attaching an example of this as well.