Help with condense and water drops outside glass surface?

Started by rikkelind, November 28, 2018, 04:16:34 AM

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This it my first KS forum post :-D
Since KS8 offers waterdrops as Geometry I had to start experimenting. I've run in to 4 main issues. I'm eagerly looking for some help to move further with this.

I've tried to add condense to the outside of the glass, typically what is happening with a very cold glass put in room temperature. At first it goes to a almost opaque, dense look, and eventually changes is to more transparent, where also the condense drops leaves marks after has been dripping down the outside of the glass.

For this I placed a semi-transparent material and used a gradient as opacity map (the "fog" is normally more visible to the bottom of the glass). This way I can also experiment with roughness. But I think the light is not represented correctly. Could perhaps Scattering be used in a creative way? (image 2)

I have also tried for some hours now to make drops on the outside of the glass, using bubbles but I keep getting stuck. I don't know how to move forward. Somehow I feel like bubbles and displacement should be able to be combined.

I think I've seen somewhere also a rendering made as Normals (with bubbles being "cut" half, which will result in the backside, facing the glass), and then put back as a bump/normal-map. The closest thing I've manage to do with this did not result in any visible drops on the side (silhoutte of the glass) in the rendering - due to bump map limitations in Keyshot?!

Whatever method that could result in the above could probably also make tiny bubbles on the water surface (which is what happens with carbonated water). My current render (image 3)

Best regards, Rikke


I don't think the bubbles node can be used to add the condensation you're looking to create on the outside of the glass (where they are visible on the silhouette  of the glass). For that you need to use displacement. KS8 came with a demo scene called "ice-water.bip". Check it out. That will give you the setup you're looking for.