Author Topic: Scattering Medium Issues (blocky, interference with opacity maps)  (Read 574 times)

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Looking for a little advice here. Trying to set up a composition of an item on a cloud and running into some issues.

1. I'm using a custom VDB for the cloud on a scattering medium material. The longer the realtime view calculates the more blocky it gets around the edges. Is this purely a cloud resolution issue, or is there something more going on here? I can create a super high res VDB for it if need be, but part of me thinks it's something else because of the inconsistency in how it displays, not all blocky edges are the same blockiness, if you will. Also certain angles see larger 'blocks' become totally invisible sometimes.

2. The water drops on the can are constructed using the same approach as the sample file packaged with Keyshot; using the same displacement map and a modified opacity map. The VDB texture is applied to a simple cube; if the can is within this cube, the invisible portions of the droplets render jet black, and you can't see the can in those areas. Cranking the ray bounces or render samples does nothing to help this.