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Re: Hdr light studio + Keyshot
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The software looks SWEET! Though the license is problematic. Here's a note I sent to their CEO:

I am disappointed and confused as to why you wouldn't want your customers to be able to use your software on both their desktop and laptop computers. Racking my brain, I can think of no other significant 3D software products which limit their use in this way. Perhaps there are a few in the engineering domain.

Please consider changing your license-- and view your existing customers as valuable partners, and not as potential thiefs.

A licensing change will also make it easy for future customers, like myself, to purchase your product. I have been following your product for a couple of years now, and since the addition of a KeyShot plugin, I now see how it may be an excellent investment. I certainly understand the need to protect your intellectual property, and I think you can continue to do this by allowing a user to have access to the software they purchased on both laptop and PC.

KeyShot USED to have the same policy as you. I (and others) met with them at SigGraph last year and talked about why it's a better idea to license to individuals and not computers. They listened and shortly thereafter, I bought it.

I will not be purchasing your product, even though it looks MARVELOUS! It appears your company has done a great job implementing the necessary features and UIX for a best-in-breed product.

Best of luck. Let me know if you ever decide to change your license policy.