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brightness, materials, consistency
« on: September 09, 2011, 04:22:37 am »
Okay, I think I'm getting in to a bad habit of over brightening my scenes. I have a metal material I made for my machines, but I have to crank the brightness up quite a bit to get it to look right. I usually start like that and then add my other materials to the machine to match with the stainless the way it should look. This has worked pretty well for the most part but then I run in to some things that come out just too bright, white, etc. I guess I just need to get a good normal setting and have all my materials work on that, but what is a good default? I mean should I just open keyshot up and keep the brightness and everything at stock level and make my materials work with that?

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Re: brightness, materials, consistency
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That's a good question ...