Author Topic: Any way to import with update but do not import deleted parts?  (Read 998 times)

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Any way to import with update but do not import deleted parts?
« on: January 31, 2019, 09:35:59 am »
I have a very large assembly that when i import into keyshot there are lots of extra parts from the vendor that supplied the file that need to be kept in the NX file but I don't need them in my keyshot scene. in keyshot i assigned all the extra parts a bright, unique color, search for that material and delete them all at once. after working on the file and deleting a little over 3,000 extra parts that i don't need i saw a location that needed adjusted so i fixed it in the NX file saved it and imported it as update geometry in keyshot and it updated what i wanted, but also replaced the 3,000 parts (untextured again) i just spent 10 hours filtering through and deleting. is there any way to tell it to NOT bring in parts to keyshot that have already been previously deleted from the scene?

i know you can use the NX plugin and update with manual selection, but my assembly is so large it crashes NX out before it can push the update to keyshot. i have contacted the luxion support about this issues but for now the only work-around they were able to provide was importing the NX file as update geometry but now doing so also replaces thousands of deleted parts that i dont want to sit and filter through EVERY time i make one small update to my model.

Any help is greatly appreciated.