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Command Line question
« on: February 10, 2019, 10:18:08 pm »
I am trying to evoke a script thru python on the command line and getting 'lux' not defined.  If I am running the script via command line do I need to import the lux and lux.math modules?  If so how?  I have looked thru the 'bin' folder and the 'modules' folders but no luck so far.

The script is very simple and trying to run it on a scene that is already open.  I feel like I need to import a module or something.  Can you tell I am new to command line stuff  ;D

# VERSION 0.0.0
# Write description of the script here, and put your code after these lines.

print ("testing")
lux.setCamera('Camera 1')

Thanks in advance

Re: Command Line question
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Re: Command Line question
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From KeyShot Scripting Documentation :

Running KeyShot on the command-line: keyshot.exe (optional file to open) -script <python script file> (optional script arguments..)

Here is an example on how to run script from CLI
/Applications/ -script /Desktop/

There is no need to import KeyShot main modules in script, to make sure it's working fine with your scene file , add your scene file path to the command :

/Applications/  /Desktop/sample_scene.bip -script /Desktop/