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Started by rdmahan, February 19, 2019, 02:40:02 PM

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I was hoping some of you guys could point me in the right direction here with a tortoise frame material I'm working on. I'm having a hard time getting the color texture file to map correctly across the faces. In the attached image I tried to show how it's currently mapping. I've tried other mapping settings, the Box Map setting seems to be working the best. Any ideas would be super helpful.


Is your geometry UV mapped (or can it be)? If so, the UV mapping type option will give you the best distribution of the texture. If not, try the Tri-Planar mapping type. Also, you could tweak the texture in Photoshop to make it seamless, using Filter > Other > Offset + the Clone Stamp tool and Spot Healing brush. Alternately, you could create the tortoise texture using the procedural Spots texture node, which will map it in 3D.



So I never got the UV setting to work, I have attached an image of the results. Really not sure if there's anything else I need to do prior to bringing it in.

For tri-planar mapping, would I just blend it all together in Photoshop by making a composite of the different parts? Is that the best practice?

I'll try making it seamless. Thanks for the input! Will report back.


It seems that your geometry doesn't support UV coordinates.
In this case I would use triplanar mapping or try to get the same result with a right tweaked camouflage procedural texture.

Hope that helps


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Esben Oxholm

Try using the granite procedural texture as the color.
As it is a 3D texture it will be mapped inside your model as well and not just on the outside like you have at the moment.
I think that will give you a more realistic result.



Here's a quick example with camouflage and granite textures. You can change it via multimaterial.
See details in attached scene.

Hope that helps



Procedural textures is going to be the way to go here if you don't have the model properly UV mapped.

I made these glasses a way back from scratch in Blender, and UV mapped them in order to get that pattern to 'wrap' seamlessly. There are of course seams, but they're selectively hidden as much as possible, something you can only achieve when manually UVing.