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Advanced Region Renders
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:17:12 am »
This is one I've been thinking about quite a bit. I do a lot of interior shots and room sets. I find myself doing a lot of region renders with higher samples as the majority of the shot renders quickly. For example, I'm currently rendering a shot with two chairs on the left with a sconce light in the upper right. As the shade is a translucent material, it takes MUCH longer to res-up. These are renders for full page ads so there's a lot of wasted time if I don't just region render the light and composite afterward in Photoshop.

The feature I'm thinking would be to render the whole shot in a base number of samples/settings with a defined region that renders at a different set of parameters. Similar to the way Keyshot will currently render tiles in very large renders.

To even further the idea of "advanced regions" it would be cool to be able to do more than one region at a time and also possibly be able to define an ellipse instead of just a rectangle and also to be able to tilt the shape. I've had a diagonal material that needed to res up longer but region didn't help. The part only took up a small percentage of the frame but the rectangular region it took up was the entire image.

I've attached a visual aide :)
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Re: Advanced Region Renders
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+1 on this one!