Author Topic: [RESOLVED] Can't find material properties like specular and diffuse.  (Read 1215 times)

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Hi, I can't find some material properties like specular and diffuse on the material called "Glass Window Generic Bronze2" but it exists on other materials.

I use keyshot 7.
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Re: Can't find material properties like specular and diffuse.
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Hello iboddvisuals,

Thank you for submitting your post. That is correct, the Glass material has a Color parameter instead of a Diffuse parameter and no Specular parameter.

This is by design. It helps KeyShot keep material types simple and separate. The idea is that if you apply a material of the "Glass" material type to your model, then you want the material to look like glass and not like metal, for example. Otherwise, the Material Type: drop-down/selector under Project > Material becomes obsolete.

What you can do
To get these parameters to show, you can create your own glass material from the Advanced material type. The Advanced material type is very versatile and contains most of the material parameters across material types (including Diffuse and Specular). For more information on the Advanced material type, click here.

Creating your own glass material does require advanced knowledge of materials/shaders, and rendering concepts. It is possible you can find a how-to video on youtube or google. Maybe a fellow member can recommend a useful article.

Best of luck!
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