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Started by Nahla, June 11, 2019, 01:45:45 AM

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Hi, I'm new to KeyShot. I have made a 3D model of a product that has a screenprint on the fascia. The screenprint people have sent me a jpg of the screenprint but when I import it and try to "paste" on to the fascia it always comes out too small. Before I scream at them I need to be confident I am doing my bit right. There seem to be ways to position the label on the fascia, move and turn it, but not check that it is imported at 100% scale. i have tried reading the manual but it's not very helpful.


If the model you made is built to 1:1 scale (actual size) find out what the size of the label file is (you seem to be working in mm) and enter the value into the width or height under "Size and Mapping" (making sure the blue chain is locked). That will display the label at its actual size. You can also use the label's DPI info to do the same thing. If you know the label is 300 DPI, check the "Use DPI for Size" box and enter the DPI value. This will also display the label at 100% of its actual size. If you do either of these things and the label is still too small, then it would appear that the file you got from your screen print people is not the full size that you need.