80's Green Wireframe Style

Started by CoalHedgehog, July 29, 2019, 08:02:59 AM

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I'm trying to get an effect similar along the lines of this:

I've been trying with a wireframe mod but I'm having trouble getting anything that's not too disjointed.

Does anyone think they could push me in the right direction?


Esben has a really good method for this style that will probably work or you.

Check this post:

Eugen Fetsch

KS triangulates the mesh - did you try to make the mesh as wire framed object (not by shading). Like the wire frame modifier in Blender. You can drive the colors with nodes or textures later then. See attached BIP file.


Thanks for that, @TGS808.  8)

Mr F, that's excellent. I never thought to use a colour on the Emmisive Opacity. Two things I don't understand:

1 - How have you focused the white around the eye?

2 - This is such a basic question I'm almost embarrassed to ask it, but how have you specified the object to be wire-framed?  :-[

Eugen Fetsch

1. If you look into the BIP, you'll find that the gradient mapping is set to sphere. You can move and scale this gradient to the specific area of your mesh.

2. I've used the wire frame modifier in Blender (www.blender.org) to create it. If you have to work from a CAD model, it will not look like that, because of the triangulation. In this case you would need to "remesh" the model in (C4D, 3DMax, Blender, Maya, MODO ... you name it).


Eugen, I like your solution.

Here's another technique that can solve this in KeyShot. Attached you'll find the scene with all details.
Basically I used a modified mesh texture (that can be mapped along the UV's if your model has these coordinates) to drive the opacity from the emissive label. (I also used a color fade but in another way).
The backside surface node is an experimental feature to drive the opacity of the main material correctly.

Maybe this description sounds weird in the first moment - so look into the scene.

Hope that helps


Eugen Fetsch

It's not the same Marco. Your solution does not support dense mesh spots and edges in the model. With your approach you cannot achieve this results.


Did you know KS 8.1 supports curves  ;)