How to increase spot density

Started by MS388, August 06, 2019, 12:44:56 PM

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Hi, I am having an issue with my spots texture. I am trying to use spots to create glitter on a surface but I cant seem to get the density high enough. In the material graph, I have the density turned all the way up to 10 but there are hardly any spots on the surface of my model.  For reference, the model is a 33mm x 27mm pantone chip. With density turned all the way up to 10, there are still only about 15-20 spots on the entire surface. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Can you apply this material on a dummy part and post it? Maybe we can help you better tweaking this material.
Perhaps you can show a reference image so we can see your goal.


Here is what I have so far:

This is what I am trying to achieve:

The Pantone chip is T905-2-4. I am using flakes to create the fine metallic within the injection-molded plastic and I think that is working pretty well. I'm trying to add C07 glitter to the surface and the spots texture won't let me increase the density any further. The spots also do not look very reflective even though I have applied a metal apperance to them. 

Eric Summers

You can increase the Levels slider; that will increase the number of spots you have.

Another option you could explore is this:
Duplicate your geometry and scale it down slightly. Apply a metal or metallic paint material to this new part. Then in the MatGraph plug a Geometry Flakes node to the base material. Now you can adjust the flake size and density to get the look you want. The benefit of this approach is that the flakes will all be oriented differently so the light will reflect in a more realistic way. (The reason for scaling the duplicate part down is because the flakes sometimes go outside of the boundary of the geometry a bit).

Hope this helps!


Looks like i have a few options to try out. Thanks for your help!