Label bump not working correctly.

Started by pegasusfoil, August 21, 2019, 03:46:58 AM

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I am completely new to Keyshot.

I need to have an embossed logo on a product and as you can see from the screenshot it is a .png file with transparent background.

It looks fine under diffuse, but as soon as I move it over to bump, the entire part turns black.

What am I doing wrong?
*image attachment not working


I would try to invert the colors. You can easily do this in material graph of the label (right click on the connecting line between label texture and material - utilities - color invert).


Well the bump doesn't work with PNG file with transparent background, use your map as classic jpeg, but remember you need to have white background not transparent, THE BEST BUMP MAP is when you use TIFF file, that's the most realistic way how to got perfect and smooth bump map.

If you got any other trouble let this community know :-)


And I almost forgot to mention, if you want white label with bump map you need to copy your map into the bump slot or any other slot, not just drag and drop, cause when you drag the map into your bump slot you take the entire map from previous slot.


you can drag it while holding alt to copy