Dark Chocolate?

Started by Speedster, April 23, 2010, 07:39:55 AM

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Hi all;
I'm having fits trying to create a rich "Dark Chocolate", like a Hershey's Bittersweet Bar.  Regardless of the HDRI, it's either too red or not reflective.  Does anybody have any clues?
Bill G


I used these settings once:

Material: Plastic
Diffuse RGB: (43,29,27)  and/or (35,25,23)
Specular RGB: (35,35,35)
Roughness: 0 - .025
Fresnel: off
Glossy: on
glossy samples: 9
lor 1.5


WOW!  I really apologize for this delayed thank you!  It's perfect!  Works well under most HDR's too.
Bill G


Very dark - can you increase the gamma in the image tab?


QuoteVery dark - can you increase the gamma in the image tab?

Gamma is at 1.8.  HDR is "Factory", at brightness 1.25.  Actually, what I've been trying for is a very dark chocolate, and this is spot on for my purpose.  However, it's amazing how easily it's adjusted with the gamma setting, without it turning reddish, which was my problem in earlier attempts.  I'll post my actual application of this color soon.

Can we post bips yet?

Bill G


ok - thanks for clarifying.

Sure - got to the share section and post under Scenes. I think right now it is limited to 10MB. Zip it prior to uploading.