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Started by Andrew_G, November 08, 2019, 12:08:02 AM

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I need to let some steam off so I`m writing here.

I bought KS8 at the beginning of the year using one of the official reseller shops. When I did that I spend few days trying to activate my freshly bought KS and I finished with some bizarre function of activating it with licence file.

I thought that maybe polish shop screw something up, as he sold me an upgrade code (not sure why).

That's why, when KS9 was about to release I thought that it would be a good idea to buy KS9 at the source, here in official shop. But support convinced me to buy KS9 once more in another reseller. Why not, I thought?

To be prepared for KS9 I bought new computer with some GPU power in it and I was ready for a move. My first problem appeared when I deactivated KS8 on old computer. I cant activate my old KS8 licence on new machine. I was trying to talk it trough with support, they have manually deactivated code (whatever that means) but it did'nt worked. In the meantime I bought KS9 and my problems just multiplied. I can't activate KS8 or KS9. KS9 is saying that upgrade code cant upgrade old code... Which I dont understand as I paid for a full KS8 version.

At the moment I just literally cant work, as I both KS8 and KS9 doesnt work like it should.

I know that support at the moment is quite occupied by many requests but responding once or twice a day is just funny. Not to mention that it happens at night (from my perspective) and I cant reply fast enough.

But first of all I dont care - I just bought my program and cant use it. Second thing is that Luxion is generating those problem by itself. By its strange and bizzare licensing. It doesnt allow me to use my software on two computers which should be completely normal thing (even deactivating and activating KS on another computer is not possible as I doesnt work as it should).

At the moment I feel that I`m left completely alone with this. I can see more and more new ads for KS9, I bought it, I bought a new computer for it. And absolutely cant use it...

Great experience....

I`m starting to think that it is my last KS upgrade. As I can just "make" KeyShot funcionality with C4D+Octane+Hdri Light studio. It's just cheaper with more functionalities and with ability to use it on both computers. Maybe it's time to realize that we have almost 2020, and such "user friendly" licensing system just doesnt work as it should...

Best regards,

PS. I`m still trying to figure it out, why support convinced me for a reseller but when even small problem appear I have to talk with Luxion support center anyway... Another silly thing.

Eugen Fetsch

 ::) the release week is the worst moment to upgrade a software you need for production. All distributors and Luxion are flooded with upgrade requests. IMO, your experience is not ridiculous, but expected. The KS license model has it benefits on the customer side, especially in "top secret" product environments, where PCs are not allowed to use an internet connection to validate the license like Adobe & Co.
Regarding 2x PCs usage of one license - you're welcome to buy the enterprise option and use it on as many PCs you like ;) 


Hello Andrew,

We apologize for the long resolution time on your issue.

I have just replied to your email, and I hope to have resolved the issue for you.

We are always looking to improve the experience for our users. Therefore, we are looking into our licensing system, and will hopefully have better systems in place in the future.

Thank you for your patience.


Honestly, my experience with support has been pretty spot on. I purchased directly from them so when I'm in a pinch I contact the salesperson I bought it from and he's been amazing and answering simple questions, or issues.  He even helped me with a render by taking my file and adding some elements to make it look better.

Good luck though, and I do agree, if you use this extensively, I'd wait before upgrading normally.  I had 3 systems with KS on it so it won't disrupt my flow when I get my KS9 license.



Eugen At some point you are completely right, but I think that upgrading any software should be simple and straight forward thing. I understand that this is some protection against piracy and all, but imo pirats will steal as they do and all this protection sooner or later will hit normal users. And it did...

And I`m not sure why would I buy enterprise edition. Using one license on two separate machines (not simultaneously of course) should be completely normal. It's just sad that I must say it loud.

PhilipTh Thank you. Everything works as it should.  I`m very happy with your help.

In general I`m very happy with the Luxion support, I`m just quite angry about this situation. I understand that this is quite busy time for support but the fact that most people want to upgrade their software asap is perfectly normal too:) Especially that (let's not forget this) Keyshot is not the cheapest option at the market. But that's a topic for another time:)

Anyway, thanks for your help:)

Justin A

Thank you Andrew for the feedback. 

Our development team are constantly looking for better ways to improve our licensing and upgrading the software.  I will make sure that your feedback makes it to our team.

I do apologies for slow response, but I hope you are enjoying KeyShot 9.