Cosy Cabin

Started by Paul Lang, December 20, 2019, 12:41:17 AM

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Paul Lang

Thought I would challenge myself and attempt to completely build a scene using only Keyshot & PS and a few textures from my own library. This scene was entirely modelled in Keyshot using simple geometry combined with displacements, cutaway, geometry editor and a few scavenged items from the models library. The Cabin is just a series of planes with displacement maps for for example the log walls. Keyshot Cubes for the window frames and trim, including cutaway for the window openings. Log beams are cylinders including the fireplace mantel and used the geometry editor to cut it in half then geometry editor again to fill the hole. Most of the furniture was created using cubes and rounded cubes, ie. the couch is rounded cubes with displacement maps to give the shape. The x-mass tree was created using a branch from a tree in the models library, I used fuzz for the needles and spears for the lights and bulbs. The lamps are made from a bowling pin and coffee cup sleeve from the models library. Fireplace, 3 planes with displacements, the end logs hide the seams and cutaway material with a brick texture for the opening. The picture above the mantel is also just a plane with a displacement map for the frame. From the models library again a loaf of bread was used for the fire logs and a rock for the couch cushions, I know not very comfy LOL!

Fuzz also used for the fur rug and real cloth for the cushions area carpet and table runners.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!



Oh boy, this gets my jingle bells going!