Algerian traditional holiday

Started by Seghier, December 25, 2019, 02:38:09 PM

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This is an annual celebration in Algeria that takes place every January 11, it Called : "Rass-El-Aam" in Arabic which mean "New Year"
Its history date back to the Phoenicians.
Before the start of the tillage season, nuts are distributed to family members and special dishes are prepared for the occasion.
The family meets and distributes fruits, nuts and sweets to them
The mixture of nuts in the image called : "Mekhallet" in Arabic which mean "Mixture of nuts"
I use 3d models, blender to make to create the mixture and to prepare materials and uv mapping.
Since years i didn't try Keyshot and now i see many great features which i use in the scene: Realcloth, Fuzz to create sparkles
and label of course to add flowers to the dishes material.....etc
And that's our traditional holiday, its all about the new peasant year and meeting all family together.