LED Christmas Tree

Started by Lech Bakalarz, December 28, 2019, 01:44:39 AM

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Lech Bakalarz

Hello everyone!
This is my first post on the Keyshot forum. I've already seen all your renders and I must admit they are fantastic! I am an electronics engineer and a couple of weeks ago I came up with an idea to prepare a battery supplied LED Christmas tree as a gift for our clients. Unfortunately, my PCB supplier destroyed the first panel and I had no time for MCU programming. :(
However, I decided to try my luck in the contest. I've made a project in Altium Designer 19, export to the STEP model and import directly to the Keyshot scene. I've made a simple bauble model in Solidworks 2019 and using a plugin I put it inside my scene, then I'd tried to Fuss and Real Cloth on them. Frozen grass is also made using the Fuzz feature.
I hope you like it   

Lech Bakalarz

It's my early trials: