The Gate

Started by smobbi, January 04, 2020, 04:27:09 PM

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The Gate


This image represents a 'Gate', a Gate opening to new Horizons, to new Days, to that same Light within all of us.


The final image was completely generated within Keyshot 9.

The artifacts are the result of a creative use of the 'Denoise' feature as well as the 'Fog' material.

What I initially wished to do was to create an animation, but due to time and other commitments, this did not happen. It would be interesting to see the dynamics of the artifacts if this image were to be animated.

The only external factor was the 3D model of the gate, (free downloadable model) which fit closely to what I had originally intended, otherwise it would have been created additionally.

Attached are screenshots of some work in progress as well the 3D model source.

(Please Note: There were issues with the submission of this entry, on the night (Keyshot forum issues - email). I have been in correspondence with Justin about this, and was told that I should be able to log in, so here we are. Thanks)