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Unwrap UVs and N-Gons
« on: January 15, 2020, 05:57:50 am »
I was assuming, that now, with the new UV unwrapping possibilty, Keyshot is able to digest N-gons better, or that KS converts N-gon into triangles.
that does not seem to be the case:
N-gons from Blender seem to totally loose their UV information when translated from KS.
If I convert the n-gons into triangles before exporting, the data comes into KS with the file!
anybody else having a similar problem from other modeling software?
if KS cannot properly handle n-gon geometrie, it would be good, if KS automatically translates n-gons into triangles or there would be an option in the import menu.

I am assuming, that the UV unwrap function is pointing towards user not so familiar with the UV thing in general as the may import from solid modelers i.e.
in this case you may not really know the difference between triangles, quads and n-gons!
if KS could do that for you, it would be a great help!

on a second note I would like to have a non-proportional scaling of the UV´s in the Realcloth material:
if you have an uneven stretching of your UVs on your model, you can correct that with a non-proportional stretching.

If someone needs an example of KS not interpreting N-gons correctly, let me know ...