Author Topic: 1x Xeon e7-8880 v3 240fps (Quad socket motherboard) Ultime rendering workstation  (Read 790 times)

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Offline cooldex

So i picked up a quad socket MOBO and got a xeon e7 8880 v3 to test one of them and it works 240fps on the camera benchmark and a 2360 cinebench r15 score so I'm hoping keyshot will be near linear with cores when I add 3 more exact cpu's to the board.

but so far better then my I9-9900k that scores 180fps in cam bench.

Offline DMerz III

whoa ! Nice -

Offline cooldex

I got 2 cpus in so far, 440fps in cam bench and I got 2 more on the way. But I'm starting to see diminishing returns already with 2 cpu's. So instead of 240 x 2 = 480 its more like each cpu doing 220fps and possibly each doing 200fps but overall it will still be a considerably improvement over my I9-9900k which this will 4-5 times faster. And more importantly priced alot lower then comparable performance systems. (200$ on each 18c xeon)