Massive overexposure in final render?

Started by JoshASharp, March 02, 2020, 09:59:43 AM

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Hi All,

Can't understand why my render keeps having these huge like burn marks in them? I've rendered this twice now with DOF, without DOF it seems fine but not sure why its blowing out as its fine in the realtime view.

Can attach a KSP if required :)

Any help much appreciated,



Gotta give us more context than this.

What kind of lights are in your scene, what are you scene units? What is the power of those lights?


Thanks for getting back to me, the light is one area light @500 lumen intensity, with LED strip around inside the frame with led parts set at emissive and 2 intensity. Only lit by standard hdri. Scene units are in mm. No scaling has been applied only products dropped in there? Its fine when DOF isn't selected which I don't understand.

Hope this helps?


what about denoiser? I have this problem when running LED's through cloudy plastics with the denoiser turned on.


Ahh I just remembered I had the denoiser turned on in the image tabs! ill try with out thanks a lot!