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Started by jhiker, April 24, 2020, 03:07:18 AM

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Hi, What's the easiest way to make an object partially transparent and control the amount of opacity in KS9. I came to do it today and realised I'd forgotten how (the green part in image #13).

Back in the day I would probably have thrown a 20%/30% etc. opacity map onto it but they aren't included any more. Do I use 'colour fade' or something.

As it happens, I found some old opacity maps and they work - Image #14, but what is the recommended method?


I would take a color to number node and put it into opacity.
Then the Output From which represents the black values can be slided from 0 to 1 for zero to full Opacity.


Thank you - much appreciated...


Quote from: jhiker on April 24, 2020, 05:34:28 AM
Thank you - much appreciated...

You´re welcome! Looking at your example screenshot though I would suggest that you only use the Output From slider and leave everything at the default values.
Input From 0
Input to 1
Output to 1
Opacity takes values from black to white and all you really need for that is the Output From slider. It should be much more precise and logical if you only have to worry about 1 slider that moves from 0-1.
You can hit C on the Keyboard over the color to number node to see the effect from moving just the Output From slider.