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Hi KS Forum!

Curious what people's workflows are with shadows.

Currently I'm doing Edit < Add Geometry < Add Ground Plane < Occlusion texture into the Shadow box and controlling from there + rendering out the shadow and object on their own layers [Will Gibbons posted a tutorial pretty recently on his workflow]. This has been my preferred way to get realistic, clean, editable shadows.

I am a bit confused on the "Ground" settings under "Environment". I've noticed I get different results depending on if the "Ground Shadows" box is checked or not under Environment < Settings. If I make "Ground Size" 1mm [as small as possible] and then turn on "Ground Shadows", the scene will actually be brighter than if "Ground Shadows" was unchecked.

To me, that seems a bit counterintuitive to turn on "Ground Shadows" but then your scene gets brighter.
  • Does anyone have the answer to what "Ground Shadows" actually does?
  • What is being calculated when you have "Ground Shadows" checked but also have a Ground Plane with Occlusion Shadow active?
  • What about "Occlusion Ground Shadows", what results are people liking from that?
+ attached a PNG of a MacBook from Apple's website with a clean, controlled shadow. The shadow darkens the bottom of the MacBook but is not necessarily darkening the entire scene. The shadow also ends before the edge of the page so that you can put the rendering on different colors, scale the size, move it around, etc [this is solved by Occlusion texture].

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+1 - would love to hear some feedback from the dev team on this one :)

I've run into the same issue with Ground Shadows on/off and making the "Ground" super tiny, but would love to know *why* it behaves this way!

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If you use the occulsion node into the opacity channel (ground material), then you should get no effect if ground shadow is on or off.