Author Topic: camera shift didn't save with file?  (Read 1064 times)

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camera shift didn't save with file?
« on: May 22, 2020, 07:07:00 am »
At first, I thought it was user error. And it still could be. If there's a hotkey that turns it to perspective, maybe I accidentally hit that without realizing it when saving? I guess it's possible.
But I turned on DOF after using shift for sure. And DOF is saved. But my camera was way off on a file I saved last night, and I was confused. Then I noticed, it wasn't panned. It was because I had to use shift.

I'm not sure if blender is exporting camera shift in fbx, or if keyshot isn't reading it right. Either way, that's annoying because the numbers are sometimes opposite. it's .158x in blender, but in keyshot it's -.158. That's ok though. Not super difficult to figure out if you went the wrong way. Also, keyshot lists it as vertical, then horizontal, which always throws me, because that's listing as Y then X? I get that Vertical shift is used more often , but still.

If you're wondering WHY the heck I would do that? I'm matching some stock images. Either they had a fancy camera and offset the camera back (unlikely) or they cropped the image afterward (more likely) but that's what I've got. Nearly every image there has needed Some sort of shift. That means I can't really use the Match Perspective tool inside keyshot without a lot of give and take. I used fSpy, and you can move the camera center point after you determine the perspective lines of the scene. With lens distortion, and the fact that it's likely a cropped image, you'll never get it perfect, but you can get things believably close.

Anyway, just curious if keyshot messed up, or somehow I managed to turn off shit on my camera. I couldn't find a hotkey that would have done it, and it is Quite noticeable if you get rid of shift. So not sure how I would have done it. But you never know. I'd love to avoid this issue in the future. And if it's going to happen someone randomly, I'll save the shift numbers in the camera name so I can recall them later.