What is the best way to add these numbers to the watch?

Started by Andrew365, June 12, 2020, 10:46:09 AM

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As you can see in the real life picture attached, the watch contains some numbers. I have been having issues applying them to the watch and need some help. In order to add text in keyshot it has to be placed as a label correct? I have the png files of the numbers with a transparent background but am having troubles applying them to the watch. Can someone give me some advice how to apply these numbers to the watch realistically and what settings should be in place?

Esben Oxholm

There are a couple of different ways.
One would be to add the png file as the diffuse input (or transparency input) of a plastic material that is applied to your main material as a label.

You can see that setup in the triwa falken scene I did a few years back.
You can grab it at the bottom here for free: https://www.keyshot.com/resources/downloads/scenes/
... or grab it here for a few bucks if you like: https://gumroad.com/l/ZQwTA

Hope it helps.