Set Camera view in the same position it was the camera on a photo

Started by AMR, June 23, 2020, 05:18:31 PM

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Hi everyone!
I case someone of you can help me. I have the following question:
I want to build a 3D environment and render it with KeyShot. The idea is get a photo of a car, cut the background and position the car in the 3D environment with Photoshop.
Thats why i need to set the camera view on KeyShot in the exact same point as the camera was on the car photo.
After a few test i couldn't do it right. Do someone of you know if its posible?
I think that the camera angle, depth of field, etc, all of that have an impact in this composition
But i couldn't realize how to do it correctly.
An Example:

Many thanks in advance to all of you!


There are a few YouTube videos that illustrate how to match perspective when positioning models in a scene.


HaroldL, thank you for the answer.
I watch a lots of those videos, and i made a few tests but i couldnt make it right.

I think there is a difference because in my case i want a 3D enviroment in the back and a photo of a car in the front.
(Opposite to a Background photo and a 3D model in the front, i made a lot of those and works fine).

But i found the option "Front Plate" that i didn't knew that exist, and i making some progress.

Many thanks!