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Started by J0hnJ0hn, February 07, 2013, 02:12:57 AM

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Hi guys,

I am trying to add texture on a model i made on rhino, but it doesnt looks good
Once i put texture on the "model", the one goes into different scales and is splitted into different parts

It doesn't looks good...

Should i restart from rhino ?

Is there smt on keyshot to modify this pb ?

I Really  don't want spend hours to add pattern on photoshop



Try setting the texture mapping to "Box Map" in Keyshot. If that doesn't work, Rhino 5 has UV mapping. Try watching this video that explains how to set it up in Rhino 5



i'm using Two laptops: One for Rhino, One for Keyshot.
Because keyshot doesn't work with the rhino one...
Is this going to make a difference ?

I can't find box mapping on keyshot...


It shows on this screenshot as the bumpmap, but for the color map, it's the same !
What you can do also, is to give each face a different color in your CAD program, then in KeyShot aply the same material to all faces as a boxmap, unlink them, then move around each texture on each face to manualy align them ... which is a bit of work, but it does work.


I might unroll the surface, apply the texture on photoshop and add this on keyshot !


This will take ages... but i'm gonna try

Is there not any softwares specialised into box mapping ? like a pluggin for rhino ?


Did you watch the Rhino video I added the link to? It shows you how to apply the box map UV very quickly right in Rhino.