bloom using non-clamped colors?

Started by andy.engelkemier, July 17, 2020, 08:39:08 AM

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Is there a way to get bloom to work with non-clamped colors?

I had a purple light, no bloom. I then changed it to be the brightness of ten thousand suns. Purple now changed to pink (should Definitely end up being white at some point, but that's a whole other issue), but still no bloom. I can move the threshold to include it, but it ends up being the same value of much of the grey in the image, so then the image just looks blurry.

I just ended up doing it in photoshop, but I'm doing social media post renders, so I'm weighting speed to final image higher than photorealism.

Are the effects in the image tab not working on the raw 32bit data? That's kind of the only real advantage of using the render software to manipulate those things, to me. That would allow you to do things to the 32bit image, but only output the Much smaller 8bit image.

If it's clamped, can we at least get an option to change the threshold to split RGB? If my color is pink, I can just have the threshold lower for R and B, but not G. So grey's won't get blown out, but pinks, blues and reds would.