Layered Plastic Materials Showing Dark

Started by topsecretagent, July 21, 2020, 01:59:21 PM

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Hey all!

I am perplexed by this issue I'm having rendering opaque plastic inside clear acrylic plastic. I've bumped the Ray Bounces up to 30 and Global Illumination is at 2.

As you can see, it shows through just fine when I apply a metal material. But as soon as I put a solid plastic in there, it shows up dark. Am i missing something??


Justin A

I think the first thing you should check is to make sure the lighting is not set to Basic.  Try a higher lighting setting under the Lighting tab like Product. Next I would Slowly bump up the ray bounces, What you are experiencing typically will happen if not enough lighting is passing through the clear material.   Bumping the Ray bounces will help with this also.

Note that increasing either of these will increase the render time.


Thanks for the suggestions, though, it turns out the issue was that I didn't have a ground plane in this scene!
Since I set it up to be isolated on a white background, I didn't include one. Once I did, the material looked fine again.