Label on glass black that should be seen from the front

Started by sanid, August 04, 2020, 10:33:34 AM

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I'm trying to achieve an effect where the image is basically printed on the backside of the glass but has to be seen from the front and back but I am getting this double image effect that seems like a black solid shadow on the other side of the glass. I apply the label on the back and then flip it to be correct from the front.
One can clearly see it in the Text at the bottom of the object.
The "both sides" option is checked but I mean that's not how it should me in my case. I only want it on one side but still visible from the other.

I have attached 2 images front and back

Maybe somebody has a fix for this kind of problem.

Thanks in advance.


I've tested a few things with labels, but the only solution I've found is to use a separate surface behind the glass object with a very tiny gap. So use your modelling tool, separate the backside surface and offset the boundaries.

Details can be seen in the attached KeyShot 9 scene. (my example render needs a few samples to res up clearly, but it's just to get the idea)

Hope that helps.



Sometimes solutions are simpler than expected. I just placed the label on the backside surface and defined a tiny depth value. That's all