GPU leaving 'ghosts' of faded parts

Started by MBailey810, August 06, 2020, 08:53:05 AM

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I am working on making an animation, but when I render using the GPU it leaves a 'ghost' of any parts that I have faded out. Does anyone know why this could be, or any way of fixing it? Right now the only work around I can think of is translating the parts out of frame of the camera when they fade out, and then translating them back when they faded in.

Attached are images rendered using the CPU and the GPU, with no other settings changed. In the GPU image you can see a circle and vertical line in the bottom left quadrant of the image. That corresponds to a part that was faded to 0% in the animation. I made these renders as still images, not pulled from an animation sequence.

I have changed a lot of the lighting options, but I haven't found a way to remove the artifacts.

CPU: i9-8950HK
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro P5200



I am experiencing the same issue, so at least I am sure that it is a somewhat universal problem.

Still haven't come up with a great workaround at this time, how about you?


I've had this as well. Well, sort of. I don't fade parts out in Keyshot. But I did use that to make the part disappear. Instead I just moved it way out of frame, then back. I do the fading in AfterEffects. It's a bit annoying if you are trying to do it while other parts or cameras are moving though, because you basically have to render the same sequence twice, with and without, your part.


Greetings Andy,

Thank you for sharing!

I also found the workaround of translating the part out of the scene and then back in afterward.

Just installed KS10 and about to give it a go, hoping this was addressed!



Hello just a quick update. This issue should be fixed for the 10.1 release.