Labels Not Displaying in Exported GLB files

Started by D-Mart, August 06, 2020, 09:08:22 AM

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I'm a fairly new user to Key Shot. I'm trying to export GLB files but my labels aren't displaying or exporting. Any idea why and how to solve this?

Jesper Mosegaard

Labels don't export in the current gltf exporter. In general, no shader graph based effects work, beyond simple UV mapped image textures.

If this is interesting to you, keep watching this forum when we give info on the KeyShot 10 beta.

Regards. Jesper


Hi, Do you have GLTF improvements on the new update? since now 10 is already been out?


Ahm - yes - KeyShot 10 is out. And yes, there a huge improvements on smart export like glTF/glb, usd and 3mf. Labels and other texture information (even procedural) are now baked into the export format.