KeyShot SOLIDWORKS Add-in - Version 1.3 Released

Started by Josh3D, May 05, 2020, 10:05:54 AM

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A new KeyShot 9 for SolidWorks add-in is now available.

KeyShot 9 SOLIDWORKS Add-in (Version 1.3)
- Plugin uninstaller has been signed
- Fixed an issue where uninstalling did not remove the registry entries correctly

View the installation/release notes

As always, please report any issues you find to


The KeyShot SOLIDWORKS Add-in Version 1.3  has an LiveLinking issue with "KeyShot for SOLIDWORKS" licenses. A solution to this issue will be addressed with a future update.

To revert to the previous version of the add-in, follow these steps:
• Make sure SOLIDWORKS is closed
• Uninstall the SOLIDWORKS 1.3 add-in
• Reinstall the SOLIDWORKS 1.2 add-in
Note: Direct import od SOLIDWORKS files is not impacted by this

The KeyShot SOLIDWORKS Add-in Version 1.2 may be downloaded here:

Please send any questions to